So I’ve been talking with this one guy from Chicago since the spring trying to get together a group.  Back in May I was supposed to go there one weekend, but something came up and he was unable to host, but I had a backup host and still went to Chicago anyway.  Well, the guy turned out to be a fake and instead tried to scam me from my money (tried to get me drive him all around town, buy his drugs, etc), and I ended up out 80 bucks and driving around town all night until I finally found a place with a nap room to crash in.  The next day I came back home with NO ACTION over the entire weekend.

I could have gone to Steamworks, but I was terrified to drive back downtown.  I have never driven downtown on Chicago.  I’m a pussy, what can I say.  And it was the weekend of IML, too…would have been an AWESOME time.  Oh, well.

So back to the guy who had to change plans at the last minute.  He actually moved to Detroit a month or so ago, so we made plans for this past weekend that I would come to town and he would whore my ass out.  He did this once before already with a jock, got over 25 guys to breed to boy.  SO HOT!  Damn, I’m fucking jealous!  Well, before that group went down he had five tops confirmed that they’d be there, then he got more while the boy was tied up.  Before my party, he had NINE confirmed.  NICE!  Looking forward to it.

Then he bothers to ask if I’m poz or neg.  Seriously?  He’s just NOW asking?  It’s the afternoon before I’m supposed to drive up there!  I thought he already knew!  So he tells me he would rather wait until another weekend when he has a chance to tell all the tops upfront that I’m poz.  He’ll just call on his back up bottom…that jock from before.  I was their first choice, he says, but this boy will do.

I got up this morning to a message from him on AIM at 8:56 AM that they JUST finished using the boy.

UGH so not cool.  DAMNIT! I wonder what would have happened if I’d told him I’m neg.  I hate to think that, that’s a horrible thing…but really, how many guys would he have had using my ass?  30?  ugh I’m so pissed right now.  It was supposed to be my weekend! lol


Oh, well.  Time for Meet the Press.  The news reporters in North Korea were released.  That’s good news, at least!  Have a good day folks, whomever reads this.

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