Note to self…

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Always place an extra baking dish underneath the oven rack when preparing a new dish.


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So I’ve been talking with this one guy from Chicago since the spring trying to get together a group.  Back in May I was supposed to go there one weekend, but something came up and he was unable to host, but I had a backup host and still went to Chicago anyway.  Well, the guy turned out to be a fake and instead tried to scam me from my money (tried to get me drive him all around town, buy his drugs, etc), and I ended up out 80 bucks and driving around town all night until I finally found a place with a nap room to crash in.  The next day I came back home with NO ACTION over the entire weekend.

I could have gone to Steamworks, but I was terrified to drive back downtown.  I have never driven downtown on Chicago.  I’m a pussy, what can I say.  And it was the weekend of IML, too…would have been an AWESOME time.  Oh, well.

So back to the guy who had to change plans at the last minute.  He actually moved to Detroit a month or so ago, so we made plans for this past weekend that I would come to town and he would whore my ass out.  He did this once before already with a jock, got over 25 guys to breed to boy.  SO HOT!  Damn, I’m fucking jealous!  Well, before that group went down he had five tops confirmed that they’d be there, then he got more while the boy was tied up.  Before my party, he had NINE confirmed.  NICE!  Looking forward to it.

Then he bothers to ask if I’m poz or neg.  Seriously?  He’s just NOW asking?  It’s the afternoon before I’m supposed to drive up there!  I thought he already knew!  So he tells me he would rather wait until another weekend when he has a chance to tell all the tops upfront that I’m poz.  He’ll just call on his back up bottom…that jock from before.  I was their first choice, he says, but this boy will do.

I got up this morning to a message from him on AIM at 8:56 AM that they JUST finished using the boy.

UGH so not cool.  DAMNIT! I wonder what would have happened if I’d told him I’m neg.  I hate to think that, that’s a horrible thing…but really, how many guys would he have had using my ass?  30?  ugh I’m so pissed right now.  It was supposed to be my weekend! lol


Oh, well.  Time for Meet the Press.  The news reporters in North Korea were released.  That’s good news, at least!  Have a good day folks, whomever reads this.

The bottom’s first word

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How does one begin a blog about being a sub BB bottom into anonymous gangbang scenes?

If anyone knows, please tell me.  I’m very interested to learn!

Meanwhile, I’m stuck in this conservative, medium-sized midwestern city we all know and love to hate called Cincinnati.  Over my 24 years I have gone through many phases of a variety of festishes ranging from long-time servitude as a slave to bondage and gags, sensory deprivation, restraint, being kidnapped and raped, etc.  All of these fantasies revolved around the central theme of (obviously) objectification.  That’s what turns me on the most…being reduced to nothing but an object for the top(s) to use.

For the most part I have been able to experience and explore all of these fantasies, save one: being an anonymous cumhole for guys to slam-fuck and fire their loads into my ass hole without any sort of awkward conversation, shyness, or feigned pleasantries while I’m tied face down on my tummy on the bed spread-eagle and blindfolded.  Ideally I’d be fucked up a bit through all this, I’d never see any of the guys using me, it would go on all night or a weekend, I’d take well over 25 guys, and someone would get it on video.

Does that seem a little demanding to you?  I don’t know; perhaps it is.  I mean, who in their right mind wants to walk into a room with a dozen or more hot naked guys jacking off in a circle around a hot blond twink who’s getting plowed by and taking all the loads from ANYONE who wants to drop it in him?  Perhaps if I were a top that would seem a bit to good to be real, so maybe if the opportunity were presented to me I would just talk about it, say I’d be there, then jack-off and not actually show.  Wouldn’t you?

Of all the scenes that I’d wanted to do, the anonymous gangbang has been the most challenging to accomplish by far.  I honestly don’t understand why.  I have been working on making it for over a year with little to no success.  It doesn’t help any that there is no bath house in Cincinnati.  I’ve done everything I can think to do; posting ads on craigslist (which are almost always promptly flagged down, even when I haven’t posted in months), cruised on a4a, even tried to get together groups in larger cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Chicago.  Even so, the closest I have ever gotten to making it happen was when a guy visited Cincinnati for work and hosted me for a gangbang with eight guys in his hotel room.  It was a fun night and all, but still left me wanting; namely, it left me wanting at least a dozen more loads in me!

In one trip to Columbus for a gangbang that turned out to be a bust (only two other tops showed up, one of whom brought along another bottom….WTF!  How in the world is it a gangbang with more than one bottom??), I went to Club Columbus afterward.  I was my first time to ever go to a bath house, so I was very nervous.  I’d heard that bath houses attract mostly just old nasty guys, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the guys were actually average or good-looking.  There were nasties there, but few and far between.  In fact, there were quite a few very hot guys there, including a group of college jocks hanging out together in the front turning up their noses at all the young twinks walking by with drool on the corner of their mouths and their jaws dragging on the floor.

I got a private room and got in position.  I even had a sign on the well that said anyone was welcome to use my hole, no condoms allowed.  After about five or six hours I finally left with all of seven loads of cum in my ass, and most of that came from cruising the guys.  SEVEN!  Given all the stories I’d heard about bath houses I was certain I’d get at least twelve without even having to put any effort into it.  But no, I was wrong.  Put a hot twink in a room in a bath house face down and blindfolded and apparently everyone is intimidated.


Maybe next time it will go better.  I’m tired of typing now, so I will write about my second experience at a bath house from this past weekend when I got fucked up at Club Indy and ended up there for two straight days….